Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tony Moly Haul

It's sembreak! My last one! I haven't posted in ages because school has been crazy and what a better way to have a comeback than a haul post, right? (eeeecckk). Anyway, SM Fairview is on sale for this weekend and i was very happy to know Tony Moly Boutique also had their own 50% off sale for selected items!

I didn't even think twice right after school, i went straight to their boutique! It was nice to see some old and new faces in their store. I think i went there so many times that almost all Tony Moly SM Fairview branch store assistants are like my friends already. They know what are my favorites and which products i do not want! They also update me with their new collections and stuff. I believe they're also the reason why Tony Moly has been my favorite Korean cosmetic brand so far.

Moving on with the haul, almost all the items that i got are on sale! If not, i badly needed the item or it was part of the new collection.

I got 2 lip glosses from their latest collection, the Cat's Wink Collection. I've been meaning to do a review on this one because i have to say, i have been using this as a lipstick instead of a gloss and it works great.
(Price: 348php each) 

I am kind of addicted to luminous products recently and Tony Moly has been releasing products to satisfy my luminous needs in my make up collection. First i was able to try their Goddess Aura BB Cream and i love it. This time, i am trying out this Luminous Sheer Base and let's see what it can do.
(Price: 349php at 50% off)

Another colored gel liner! I have the turquoise one which i used in my Funky Town Make Up Tutorial (click HERE) I can't wait to try out this one!
(Price: 179php at 50% off)

I also got the Mineral Skin-fit Snow Blusher! It's more of a gel to liquid type of blush and i have yet to try this type. I am more of a powder-cream blush person and this will be a nice product to experiment with.
(Price: 189php at 50% off)

This one's an essential! I need make-up remover/cleansing tissues especially when i go out. It's easier to bring and doesn't take up a lot of space in my make up bag.
(Price: 64php at 50% off)

Party Lover Crystal Eye Decoration - it's an eyeliner and eyeshadow in one product and it comes with a lot a fun colors. It's the only color left and luckily i don't have this shade yet.
(Price: 124 php at 50% off)

My first ever colored mascara. I was supposed to use this for my graduation pictorial but there were change of plans! One of my professors use this color on her lashes as well and i think i would love to try this as well.

Lastly, the Cat's Wink Mascara! You can choose either curling and voluming that comes with lengthening. Of course, i purchased the voluming one. I always experiment on my mascara and i hope this product will always be available since so far, it has been a promising one.
Price (348php)

I can do a review on specific product if you guys want to. Just tell me which product i should do first :) Anyone of you who have used these products as well? :)

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