Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tutorial: After School UEE Inspired Make Up

I really like After School. My bias is Kahi but even though she graduated from AS already i still like their latest music video, Flashback. I fell in love with their outfits and make up! That's why i decided to use UEE as an inpspiration in my new make up tutorial video.

UEE got thinner and I didn't that's why i had the urge to contour that much. Sadly i wasn't able to blend it properly so if you're gonna do this look, please do blend it. The lipstick that UEE used was a peachy nude but i decided to use a pink one to add more puff of color. I had a hard time doing the eyeliner, which i think is the main attraction of this look. i'm happy i was able to finish this look and i really enjoyed doing it. i will do more kpop make ups in the future and i already have a plan on the next one. :)

For the tutorial, here's the video

Products Used:
Skin Care
Tony Moly Clean Dew Tea Tree Seed Foam Cleanser (not in the video)
Ponds Pore Tightening Toner (not in the video)
Tony Moly Tomatox Whitening Eye Serum (not in the video)

Tony Moly Mineral Skin-fit BB Concealer SPF 30 (Natural Beige) (not in the video)
MAC Face and Body Foundation (NC25) (not in the video)
MAC 187 Stippling Brush
Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Powder (not in the video)
NYX Blush (Copper)
NYX Rouge Cream Blush (CB 11 Boho Chic)
Dollface Cosmetics 28pc brush set (Angled Blush Brush)
Miners Cosmetics The Cheek of it Highlighter Stick
Nature Republic Mineral Mist (Vitamin C)

Etude House Eye Primer
Dollface Cosmetics Barenaked Eyeshadow Palette
Nature Republic Eye Pencil (White)
Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner (01 Black)
Tony Moly Glitter Eyeshadow (White)
Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (Silver)
Missha 4d Mascara (Waterproof)

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick (Sky Pink)
Shimmer Lip Gloss (Peach)

Restaurant Review: Adobo Connection

For starters, I am a sucker for adobo flakes. I am very frustrated that there is no restaurant near my house that sells one. The one located in my school is kind of overpriced. I have known Adobo Connection ever since but then there is no branch near where I live or my school.

Finally, Adobo Connection opened in SM Fairview and I was very excited to try their adobo flakes! I was so sure that I’m going to get the adobo flakes but I soon as I got there, there were other adobo dishes that I would want to try like the Kuya’s Fried Mixed Adobo, Modern Nutty Pork Adobo, and the Adobo Spaghetti. I was in a dilemma for a moment there but my love for adobo flakes has overpowered my confusion.

Adobo Flakes
Their adobo flakes was not that crispy but it was okay. The taste that i was looking for was still there.The amount served was enough for 2-3 cups of rice. I got an egg which was cooked over very high flame. I think the chef/cook didn't notice. At least it wasn't burnt or something and i think this won't be a regular thing. Just my bad luck :p Lastly, the rice! almost all meals come with an unlimited rice promo including mine. The first serving of rice was actually 2 cups and i think for those who are not really fond of eating rice, this is more than enough. For big rice eaters, this is heaven! plus you can still order as much rice as you can for free. This is one heavy meal for 99php.

Red Berry Iced Tea
I also ordered this Red Berry Iced Tea and this is their house special. It's lemon iced tea with special syrup. The taste was more sour than a regular one and i like it. It's refreshing and it will pass as my top 3 house special iced teas. I could have a bottomless one of this drink if it's available. This single served drink is for 39php.

Overall i liked what i had for lunch. I am planning to come back again for the dishes like Modern Nutty Pork Adobo and Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo. The ambiance for the restaurant is just normal and relatively clean unlike some. The staff was very responsive and fast. The prices are very affordable and worth it because of the big servings. If Adobo Connection is near your place, you must definitely try it. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tutorial: Make Up for School

The less make up, the better. That's how you do it in school.
As much as you want to glam up in school, people would usually comment about how much make up you're wearing on for a normal day. Most of the time, just to make people 'not comment' at all, you would minimize the make up you apply on your face.

The thing about school make up is that it's usually neutral. Activities in school may be harsh and living in the Philippines would double the probability that one would look 'haggard' by the end of the day. So sometimes you do not want to put anything at all in the morning because you know that it would just smear in the afternoon.

My make up for school is also neutral but i prefer a little bit of shimmer and puff of color. I still use an eyeliner but not a black one. Instead, i use a dark brown eye pencil to match the semi-neutral look. The eye shadow i put on is a pink shimmer cream eye shadow. The color changes almost everyday but i still use the same type of eye shadow from the Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow collection. I use cream based products because i do not want to retouch a lot in school. Cream-based make up tends to hold on to your face until the end of the day which is ideal. I don't contour anymore for school because there is no special lighting in my school. Just the typical sunlight and flourescent light. I still use blush, a cream one too so it would stay all day. Lastly, the lips, i use nude lipstick for some days but most of the time, i only use a tinted lip balm because my goal in school is just to have a moisturized lips. It's a bonus if the tint looks good on me too.

Here's a video on how i do my school make up. There may be some variations every day but it's very little. Basically this is it :)

Products Used:
Skin Care
Missha Flower Bouquet Freesia Cleansing Foam (not in the video)
Ponds Pore Tightening Toner (not in the video)
Tony Moly Tomatox Whitening Eye Serum (not in the video)

Tony Moly Mineral Skin-fit BB Concealer SPF 30 (Natural Beige)
Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 (No. 23)
Etude House Baby Doll Puff
Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Powder 
Dollface Cosmetics 28-pc Brush Set (Large Powder Brush)
Ever Bilena Mousse Blush On (Saffron)
Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist

Ever Bilena 3D Colorless Mascara (for the brows)
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk)
Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow (Rose Quartz)
NYX Eye Pencil (Dark Brown)
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (Silver)
Missha 4d Mascara (Waterproof)

Nivea Fruity Lip Balm (Cherry)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cyma Greek Taverna

Greek food is in my top 5 favorite cuisines ever. I was so glad to have found a restaurant to satisfy my greek cravings. I know some greek restaurants around metro manila but not all has reached my expectations. In my opinion, the best greek restaurant in the country is none other than Cyma Greek Taverna! This is not the first time i have tasted their food. I eat in Cyma as much as i can -- HAHA that's how much i love it!

I was looking through some pictures here in my laptop and i found some food pictures from Cyma! I'll show you some so you would have an idea on what to order there in case you decide to visit.

Tzatziki: Cucumber, Garlic, and Greek Yoghurt Dip
First off, Greek cuisines starts off with a Mezedes. It is greek for the english word appetizer which means something small and light. The version of appetizer to greeks is pita bread dipped into different sauces. We chose the Tzatziki dip and it was really yummy. It was served cold because of the cucumber and yoghurt components. The flavor of every ingredient was there but the garlic aroma was the strongest. In the end, one would say it was really appetizing.

Saganaki: Cyma Original

Next we had another appetizer called an Orektika. Unlike the Mezedes, Orektika has a lot more variation with their appetizers and not only differ in the ingredients of the dip. We got their flaming cheese called the "Saganaki". It is one of their specialties and you get to choose which type of cheese you would want. We ordered the Cyma Original (Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil). What makes this dish special is that as soon the servers come to you, they will shout "OPA!" before serving it. I believe that makes the experience much more authentic.

Roka Salata

In terms of salad, Greek comes in first for me and Asian comes second. This dish is one of the main reasons why Greek salads climb to the top of my list, The Roka Salata <3. Roka means aragula so it's one of the main ingredients along with romaine lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, and the killer ingredient which made this very special, shaved parmesan. I love how all ingredients complement each other's tastes which makes this a hell of a salad.

Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle

Greek cuisine also specializes in lamb dishes so we got 2 for our dinner. First is this Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle! From the picture itself you it's very heavy on the stomach and yes it is! The flavor is so full too that this could work as a rice dish as well. The lamb was stewed for 4 hours at least so expect a very juicy meat from this tasty pasta dish.

Shoulder Loin Lamb Chops
Our 2nd lamb dish and last dish for the night is this very juicy Shoulder Loin Lamb Chops. It is a sin to not try lamb chops at least once on your Greek food escapade. This came in last and we are kind of full already before this arrived. Nevertheless we were still able to finish this baby off. The tenderness of the lamb is very worth it. The spices also added flavor to it and the potato wedges added more spark to the dish itself. A must try, definitely.

Overall, this restaurant will still be in my top 10 and i've been targeting to try almost all of their dishes. I think i've tried over 1/3 of their dishes and i am very willing to come back soon <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tutorial: Make Up for Business Attire

We had a pre-practicum class earlier and we were required to wear business attire complete with make up! Make up for business attire in my opinion must be neutral and matte. I avoided the shocking colors like red and pink in any part of my look. The lighting in a business setting is just plain white flourescent most of the time so the colors you applied would appear flashier than normal lighting.

This make up is recommended for office use or corporate events. Here's how i did the look! This is my first attempt in doing a make-up tutorial so please comment on how could i improve in the future.

Products Used:
Skin Care
Missha Flower Bouquet Freesia Cleansing Foam (not in the video)
Ponds Pore Tightening Toner (not in the video)
Tony Moly Tomatox Whitening Eye Serum (not in the video)

ELF Corrective Concealer (Beige)
Suesh Duo Brush (Concealer and Foundation)
The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream (Natural Beige)
Maybelline Shine Free Powder Foundation (Sand Beige)
Marionnaud N30 Powder Brush
Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact (Dark Baked Fusion)
Tony Moly Crystal Blusher (Peach)
Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact (Beige)
Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush

ELF Eye Primer and Line Sealer
Dollface Cosmetics Barenaked Palette
Dollface Cosmetics 28pc Brush Set (Eyeshader and Blending Brush)
ELF Liquid Eyeliner (Black)
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (Silver)
Maybelline Magnum Volume Express Mascara (Waterproof)
Ever Bilena 3d Colorless Mascara (for the brows)

MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mirrored Mocha (Alternative)

PS: Something may bother you in the vid but i hope you don't mind! :) Thanks!

Album Review: Big Bang Still Alive - Gdragon Version

Here's another album review featuring Big Bang's Still Alive! Great album as expected from Big Bang! I decided to review the Gdragon version because there are loads of reviews already for the Big Bang version in YouTube. Also, there's something new from this album. Watch the video to check it out :)

Subscribe to my youtube channel for more reviews :) Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Album Review: Teen Top - Artist

As i've said before i'll be back with reviewing Kpop albums and it happened sooner than expected :) Here is the 3rd mini album from Teen Top called 'Artist'.

Watch this video from YouTube to see my review :)

If you want an album to be reviewed, you may comment here or on the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

Shu Uemura Opening at Trinoma

My friend Regina and I are planning to go to the opening event in Trinoma. I saw their Alabang Town Center branch but i didn't buy anything from there. I patiently waited for June 15 for their Trinoma branch opening. We decided to visit at around lunch time because we have classes in the morning. Due to some circumstances, i was dismissed very early (as in 9am early) and i was able to catch the ribbon cutting event. They had cocktails, message boards, and a 20% discount sale!

Since the first 10 buyers would have freebies, at around 11am, the store was jampacked! It was kind of hard to try out some make up. Fortunately, the store assistants were very hardworking and they would try to guide you in everything you need. I forgot the name of the person who assisted me but i want to say thank you to her.

I also saw some familiar L'oreal interns there like Inno (my college orgmate) and Charmaine (my high school schoolmate). They were doing different marketing schemes for the whole day! I saw Inno almost 5 times around Trinoma. He was busy giving out free hugs to everyone!

In the end i got the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and a point cealer in medium beige. I saw a lot of beauty bloggers around the world raving about the eyelash curler and i fell in love with the point cealer as soon as i tried it on my face.

If you have time visit Shu Uemura in Trinoma located at the 3rd floor in front of Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Make-up Brushes

Another video request! I made a video of my top 5 favorite brushes!
I am gonna show you pictures of these because i keep on swaying my hands in this video HAHA forgive me! :)

My Top 5 :)

5. Dollface Cosmetics Blending Brush
4. Suesh Duo Eyeshader Brush
3. Marionnaud N30 Powder Brush
2. Seush Vegan Kabuki Brush (Pointed Top)
1. Marionnaud N 32 Blush Brush

Here's why! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hand Cream Haul

I love using handcreams every now and then! I feel that my hands are softer as i use them. Hand creams vary in terms of scent, ingredients, and purpose. Want to know my favorites?
Check out this haul video about my collection.

Product List:
Etude House Hand Cream Set
Tony Moly Anti Aging Peach Hand Cream
Missha Love Secret Hand Cream in Peony Rose
Missha Love Secret Hand Cream in Cotton White
Nature Republic Hand Me Love Whitening Hand Cream in Citrus
The Face Shop Hand & Body Chiffon Cream (Green Grape)
Tony Moly Milk Hand Cream

Any hand creams you would want to recommend? :)

Holly's Coffee

The Rooftop Prince effect or in my case, The Micky Yoochun effect.

For those who have watched the drama, one should know that Holly's Coffee was one of their sponsors and they shot some of their scenes in this cafe.
credit to jyjhouse@wordpress
At first i didn't know there was a branch here in the Philippines until my friend who also watched the drama told me that there's a branch in Taft near the condo she's residing in. We didn't even had a second thought about going and just planned a random coffee day with some friends.

Holly's Coffee is a korean coffee shop originally located in Seoul, Korea. We went to a branch located here in the Philippines(of course!) It is found in One Archers Place, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines. It is easy to spot because it is just along Taft.

We went there during a holiday so lucky for us because there were less students in that place. Upon entering, i can't help but notice the dead air! I know it is a coffee shop but the dead air inside was insane! I have gone to a lot of places were there is complete silence but this is crazy. I thought whenever i say something, everyone in the room could hear me. Yes it was that silent. I didn't notice at first what was different in this place to have that much silence, it was actually the lack of music. There was no music at all like other coffee shops hence, the dead air.
First floor view
My friends and I ordered as soon as we got there. I have a thing about going in Korean restaurants and shops. I always order something that is unique or at least something very "korean". For Holly's Coffee, they have sweet potato-based products. It is either a Latte, a Macchiato, or a Hollycino (trademark term for ice-blended drinks). Not that i am a big fan of sweet potato (like SNSD's Seo Hyun) but i think this what makes a store very "korean" just like Tours les Jours.

My friend Kay and I got a Sweet Potato Hollycino while Camille and Mico got a Sugar Plum Tea and Mocha Hollycino respectively. I also got a strawberry waffle. Sad to say, I wasn't able to take pictures of the food we got (i do not know why).

Taemin's unavailable! :( So i chose the group postcard
They have freebies!! I know fangirls would love these. For a minimum purchase of 200php, you get a chance to win Kpop freebies like Postcards, Posters, Clear Files and Tumblr. I got myself 5 postcards and you can choose the artists you want as long as it's available. Most of the postcards were 2pm's, Shinee's, and Super Junior's. I was looking for a JYJ one but they do not have it. I ended up picking Shinee's set. 

We settled at the 2nd floor of the cafe where there is more silence. We had a hard time talking while eating because it would be very bothersome for others who are studying in that place. There was a time when my friend had to whisper while talking to us just because talking in a normal voice will be too loud.

The Sweet Potato Hollycino tasted like i expected. You can taste the authenticity of the natural sweet potato ingredients in it. It was very sweet and the whipped cream and almonds on top made it more tasty. As a Filipino, i do not know if we are used to this kind of sweet potato flavor but i am just getting used to it. Aside from the flavor, it is also very heavy at the same time. We had this after having lunch so our tummies are still full. I recommend this more for "merienda" and not for dessert because you wouldn't finish a regular cup with a full tummy (or at least in my case).
The 2nd floor!

People studying :)

Overall, Holly's Coffee is a very good place to study and chill. The ambiance and vibe is very nice for the mind and the silence is a bonus. Personally i would recommend chill kpop songs to be played in this one (HAHA BIASED) because it matches their korean image. The variety of their menu is a plus and it is also a good place to have dessert because they have a lot of pastries and cakes. I would love to try those on my next visit with my friends and my empty tummy! :) 

Kay and Dana with their Sweet Potato Hollycinos and Waffle

Trying our best not to laugh very loud! :)

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