Saturday, September 8, 2012

YOKE Necklaces

I know i've been quiet for a while now because there are so many things happening in school! A lot of you may know that we almost had a "sembreak" during August because of all the typhoon suspensions and holidays that occured during that month. Sadly, all of our professors are rushing right now with all the academic requirements especially with Feasib and Thesis this September because we do not have much time left for this semester.

While i was busy doing some school work, a package arrived and i think i know what's inside! :) Those were the YOKE necklaces that i ordered! 

Now what is a YOKE necklace?

YOKE stands for Your One-stop shop by Kzar Eusebio. It is all about cotton made neck pieces and accessories which is a better and more fashionable alternative for scarves. It is 100% handmade and every time you order, there will be i think a week of waiting time before you can have your necklace. Since the neck pieces are made-to-order, you can definitely customize the design with your own color of choice. 

I bought my first YOKE shirtcessory months ago and i am addicted to it. YOKE releases different collections and designs almost every season. A month ago, The Holiday and Cotton Candy Collections were released. I added the link of both collections so you can check it out.

What i love about YOKE necklaces is that i can wear them for both hot and cold weather. I use the thicker ones instead of wearing a jacket or scarf when it's slightly raining or it's cold. YOKE also released thinner and lighter designs for the hot weather. It's not irritating to wear compared to metal or steel necklaces because it's made from very soft cotton. I have a tendency to sweat that much and the color of some of my necklaces fades whenever i wear them on a very hot day. I'm very thankful that won't happen to my YOKE shirtcessories.

I also like the fact that it's very eye catching. There wasn't a time that i wore a YOKE necklace and people didn't notice it. A lot of my friends have asked me where i got this fancy accessory. I wear this to school over a plain shirt or tank and i prefer that but you can also go wild by wearing this over a printed dress or top. Print on print styles are very trendy these days.

Here are the individual photos of the necklaces,

My first YOKE ever! This has been overused already!

Perfect for the cold weather! I use this instead of a scarf.

New YOKE! Excited to wear this! :)

I had this customized! The original design was in a different color :)
So far that's my collection! I know this will get bigger soon especially the holiday season is coming i am planning to buy more! :) if you want to have your own YOKE necklace, visit their Facebook page HERE!



  1. This is the first time I heard about these. Cool! They can be an alternative for scarves :D

  2. Cool necklaces! thank you for following my blog dear, I'm a new follower as well :D

  3. Deyna!!!! I love your feature for YOKE!!!! :) thank you very much! :)

  4. I love the 1st photo :) The one with the blue and black fabric.


  5. dear i have a giveaway - care to join?? :))

    Walk with Shing

  6. cute necklaces! anyway,thanks for the comment and for visiting my blog dear! followed you now!

  7. Lovely necklaces. Amazing and uniue designs.
    I followed your blog, I hope you can follow back

  8. Wow, they're very interesting to look at. That's cool that you can get the color customized too. ^^


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