Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Confessions of a Kpop Fangirl :)

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 It was the night of September 27, 2010 when my friend showed me the video of No Other. At first i was hesistant to watch because back then i was only a fan of Korean Drama but not Korean Pop. Good thing my friend insisted because she was a die hard that time. The first 3 seconds of the video was enough to convert me into a Super Junior and a Kpop fan in general. The music video was beautifully made. It looked so fresh and the artists in it are undeniably gorgeous in every way. I can still remember my first reaction after watching the video. It was the words, “ang gwapo naman nyan”. Believe it or not, even after 3 years, I still tend to say those exact same words in recent Super Junior videos. 

The past 3 years of my fangirl life had its ups and downs, joy and tears, excitement and fulfillment. One thing's for sure, i do not regret every single moment of it.

Some would say i kind of wasted 3 years of my life for Kpop. One who does not experience it would surely never understand. The journey helped me learn more, gain more, and enhance my skills more. So as a confession, i would like to thank Kpop because...

*I was able to meet the most resourceful version of me

Being a fangirl is not a waiting game and expect things to happen. You make it happen. If you want albums and merchandise, you save for it and find ways to buy it. If you want to watch videos and listen to songs, you search for it. If you want to see your favorite groups, watch them in concerts, fanmeets, and other showcases.

All those i mentioned are easier said than done. That's why a fangirl must work hard smart for it.

*It taught how to spend money wisely

At 23, i think i am very convinced that the best things in life aren't free. Especially in a fangirl's life. For the past 3 years i have been budgeting like crazy just to fulfill my priorities. That's the key, having your priorities. There are things you really want and there are things you can't live without. Try to identify those you can't live without and prioritize them. When i said earlier that i had no regrets with the experience, it was because i only do what is worth it for me.

*I was able to enhance my skills in PR, Sales, and Marketing

As an example of being resourceful, i created an online Kpop store in 2011 called Fangirls Dreamshop and started selling Kpop-related items so i can get some merchandise at a cheaper cost. I have a supplier in Korea who provides me the items that i need. Setting up a store may be one of the best decisions i made because all my job interviews have asked me about it and even at work, my officemates are curious about how i was able to do it. I am proud to say that the business is still on going for more than 2 years already.

*I met a lot of great people who i also cherish as friends

It is nice to find people who share the same passion as yours. In the world of Kpop, you can meet a lot of people online, fan events, gatherings, concerts, and more. The simple conversation about your bias group can lead to a very fruitful friendship. I was lucky enough to know some people along the way and eventually became my friends.

*It taught me to see the world with an open mind

The Kpop fandom is like an independent community from the real world where people have different insights and opinions. Communicating with other fangirls has enlightened me with other people's culture, practices, and beliefs. Kpop is globally acknowledged and each person is different. I was fortunate to get to know a lot of different people because of my love for Kpop.

As you can tell, if not for Kpop, i wouldn't have experienced those things i mentioned. It was one hell of a ride and i am very much willing to continue this journey. It's not really how Kpop changed me but how Kpop helped me acquire and learn all those things that i know will be helpful in the future. But for now,

Thank you Kpop! For everything!
Given a chance, i would definitely do it all over again.

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