Monday, June 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cyma Greek Taverna

Greek food is in my top 5 favorite cuisines ever. I was so glad to have found a restaurant to satisfy my greek cravings. I know some greek restaurants around metro manila but not all has reached my expectations. In my opinion, the best greek restaurant in the country is none other than Cyma Greek Taverna! This is not the first time i have tasted their food. I eat in Cyma as much as i can -- HAHA that's how much i love it!

I was looking through some pictures here in my laptop and i found some food pictures from Cyma! I'll show you some so you would have an idea on what to order there in case you decide to visit.

Tzatziki: Cucumber, Garlic, and Greek Yoghurt Dip
First off, Greek cuisines starts off with a Mezedes. It is greek for the english word appetizer which means something small and light. The version of appetizer to greeks is pita bread dipped into different sauces. We chose the Tzatziki dip and it was really yummy. It was served cold because of the cucumber and yoghurt components. The flavor of every ingredient was there but the garlic aroma was the strongest. In the end, one would say it was really appetizing.

Saganaki: Cyma Original

Next we had another appetizer called an Orektika. Unlike the Mezedes, Orektika has a lot more variation with their appetizers and not only differ in the ingredients of the dip. We got their flaming cheese called the "Saganaki". It is one of their specialties and you get to choose which type of cheese you would want. We ordered the Cyma Original (Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil). What makes this dish special is that as soon the servers come to you, they will shout "OPA!" before serving it. I believe that makes the experience much more authentic.

Roka Salata

In terms of salad, Greek comes in first for me and Asian comes second. This dish is one of the main reasons why Greek salads climb to the top of my list, The Roka Salata <3. Roka means aragula so it's one of the main ingredients along with romaine lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, and the killer ingredient which made this very special, shaved parmesan. I love how all ingredients complement each other's tastes which makes this a hell of a salad.

Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle

Greek cuisine also specializes in lamb dishes so we got 2 for our dinner. First is this Lamb Ragu Tagliatelle! From the picture itself you it's very heavy on the stomach and yes it is! The flavor is so full too that this could work as a rice dish as well. The lamb was stewed for 4 hours at least so expect a very juicy meat from this tasty pasta dish.

Shoulder Loin Lamb Chops
Our 2nd lamb dish and last dish for the night is this very juicy Shoulder Loin Lamb Chops. It is a sin to not try lamb chops at least once on your Greek food escapade. This came in last and we are kind of full already before this arrived. Nevertheless we were still able to finish this baby off. The tenderness of the lamb is very worth it. The spices also added flavor to it and the potato wedges added more spark to the dish itself. A must try, definitely.

Overall, this restaurant will still be in my top 10 and i've been targeting to try almost all of their dishes. I think i've tried over 1/3 of their dishes and i am very willing to come back soon <3


  1. Hi Dana!:) try mo next time ung pasta na may clams. Baby clams angel hair I think ung name.:)

  2. Lester!!! Ngyn ko lang nabasa! Natry ko yun! ang sarap and ang laki ng serving!


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