Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holly's Coffee

The Rooftop Prince effect or in my case, The Micky Yoochun effect.

For those who have watched the drama, one should know that Holly's Coffee was one of their sponsors and they shot some of their scenes in this cafe.
credit to jyjhouse@wordpress
At first i didn't know there was a branch here in the Philippines until my friend who also watched the drama told me that there's a branch in Taft near the condo she's residing in. We didn't even had a second thought about going and just planned a random coffee day with some friends.

Holly's Coffee is a korean coffee shop originally located in Seoul, Korea. We went to a branch located here in the Philippines(of course!) It is found in One Archers Place, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines. It is easy to spot because it is just along Taft.

We went there during a holiday so lucky for us because there were less students in that place. Upon entering, i can't help but notice the dead air! I know it is a coffee shop but the dead air inside was insane! I have gone to a lot of places were there is complete silence but this is crazy. I thought whenever i say something, everyone in the room could hear me. Yes it was that silent. I didn't notice at first what was different in this place to have that much silence, it was actually the lack of music. There was no music at all like other coffee shops hence, the dead air.
First floor view
My friends and I ordered as soon as we got there. I have a thing about going in Korean restaurants and shops. I always order something that is unique or at least something very "korean". For Holly's Coffee, they have sweet potato-based products. It is either a Latte, a Macchiato, or a Hollycino (trademark term for ice-blended drinks). Not that i am a big fan of sweet potato (like SNSD's Seo Hyun) but i think this what makes a store very "korean" just like Tours les Jours.

My friend Kay and I got a Sweet Potato Hollycino while Camille and Mico got a Sugar Plum Tea and Mocha Hollycino respectively. I also got a strawberry waffle. Sad to say, I wasn't able to take pictures of the food we got (i do not know why).

Taemin's unavailable! :( So i chose the group postcard
They have freebies!! I know fangirls would love these. For a minimum purchase of 200php, you get a chance to win Kpop freebies like Postcards, Posters, Clear Files and Tumblr. I got myself 5 postcards and you can choose the artists you want as long as it's available. Most of the postcards were 2pm's, Shinee's, and Super Junior's. I was looking for a JYJ one but they do not have it. I ended up picking Shinee's set. 

We settled at the 2nd floor of the cafe where there is more silence. We had a hard time talking while eating because it would be very bothersome for others who are studying in that place. There was a time when my friend had to whisper while talking to us just because talking in a normal voice will be too loud.

The Sweet Potato Hollycino tasted like i expected. You can taste the authenticity of the natural sweet potato ingredients in it. It was very sweet and the whipped cream and almonds on top made it more tasty. As a Filipino, i do not know if we are used to this kind of sweet potato flavor but i am just getting used to it. Aside from the flavor, it is also very heavy at the same time. We had this after having lunch so our tummies are still full. I recommend this more for "merienda" and not for dessert because you wouldn't finish a regular cup with a full tummy (or at least in my case).
The 2nd floor!

People studying :)

Overall, Holly's Coffee is a very good place to study and chill. The ambiance and vibe is very nice for the mind and the silence is a bonus. Personally i would recommend chill kpop songs to be played in this one (HAHA BIASED) because it matches their korean image. The variety of their menu is a plus and it is also a good place to have dessert because they have a lot of pastries and cakes. I would love to try those on my next visit with my friends and my empty tummy! :) 

Kay and Dana with their Sweet Potato Hollycinos and Waffle

Trying our best not to laugh very loud! :)


  1. Ganda ng layout, Dana! haha and ang dami mo pala nakuha na pictures haha

  2. You should check out the SM Southmall branch. They have something new which is the Milk snow desserts.


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