Saturday, June 30, 2012

Restaurant Review: Adobo Connection

For starters, I am a sucker for adobo flakes. I am very frustrated that there is no restaurant near my house that sells one. The one located in my school is kind of overpriced. I have known Adobo Connection ever since but then there is no branch near where I live or my school.

Finally, Adobo Connection opened in SM Fairview and I was very excited to try their adobo flakes! I was so sure that I’m going to get the adobo flakes but I soon as I got there, there were other adobo dishes that I would want to try like the Kuya’s Fried Mixed Adobo, Modern Nutty Pork Adobo, and the Adobo Spaghetti. I was in a dilemma for a moment there but my love for adobo flakes has overpowered my confusion.

Adobo Flakes
Their adobo flakes was not that crispy but it was okay. The taste that i was looking for was still there.The amount served was enough for 2-3 cups of rice. I got an egg which was cooked over very high flame. I think the chef/cook didn't notice. At least it wasn't burnt or something and i think this won't be a regular thing. Just my bad luck :p Lastly, the rice! almost all meals come with an unlimited rice promo including mine. The first serving of rice was actually 2 cups and i think for those who are not really fond of eating rice, this is more than enough. For big rice eaters, this is heaven! plus you can still order as much rice as you can for free. This is one heavy meal for 99php.

Red Berry Iced Tea
I also ordered this Red Berry Iced Tea and this is their house special. It's lemon iced tea with special syrup. The taste was more sour than a regular one and i like it. It's refreshing and it will pass as my top 3 house special iced teas. I could have a bottomless one of this drink if it's available. This single served drink is for 39php.

Overall i liked what i had for lunch. I am planning to come back again for the dishes like Modern Nutty Pork Adobo and Kuya's Fried Mixed Adobo. The ambiance for the restaurant is just normal and relatively clean unlike some. The staff was very responsive and fast. The prices are very affordable and worth it because of the big servings. If Adobo Connection is near your place, you must definitely try it. :)

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