Monday, August 20, 2012

Birthday Haul + Updates

Hello! I haven't been posting in a while because it was my birthday last August 17! I celebrated for 3 days with my family, classmates, and friends that's why I've been very busy!

There are a lot of things which i love about celebrating my birthday. First, you get a LOT of birthday greetings! Social networking has been very helpful that even my friends abroad was able to greet me. Thank you for those who greeted me!

Second, i get to see the people i love during my birthday! I ate dinner, partied, shopped with my family and a couple of my friends to celebrate and it was a lot of fun!

Got cheesecake from my groupmates!

Family Dinner @ Mooon Cafe

HRIM friends at IE Club's Rock in Focus

It was held at Dencio's Capitol Greenstreet

My pretty girlfriends!

Alvin, Rachel, and Bea gave me cupcakes <3

Hello carrot and red velvet cupcakes!

A Venetto Dinner with HS Barkada


A for EFFORT :))

Lastly, GIFTS! I love shopping and getting gifts for my birthday! Either it was given to me or i bought those stuff for my birthday, i love it! This year, i got random stuff as presents. I thought i would get a lot of make up but whenever i go to a make up store or counter, i feel like there's nothing i wanted to get! Maybe after a week or two?

Anyway, here my birthday haul video!

Won't forget this week! :) I am very happy! Happy Birthday to me!

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