Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Haul: The Face Shop + VIP Club 20

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (@deynakim), you would know that i accidentally ended my make up shopping ban :( It was a random day at the mall and i was there because i was going to buy my birthday gift for my sister, Erin. While i was at Toy Kingdom, my friend Blessie texted me that the Face Shop now has a VIP card for its buyers.

I think The Face Shop is one of the few korean cosmetic brands which doesn't have a membership card. The ones i always go to has and i think having a membership card can be a factor if you want customers to go back to you store.

The VIP card costs 150 php and you don't have to purchase anything to get it. You also get a lot of freebies once you avail the VIP card. It's sad that it's not a PVC-type of card because that would be more durable. I am planning to laminate this one but i am not yet decided.

The VIP card comes with a gift pack and i swear it contains a lot of items. This skincare set they gave is good for 1-2 weeks of usage.

Power Perfection BB Cream in Natural Beige
I use this BB Cream and i am very happy that this is included in the freebies. These trial packs are very suitable for travelling.

Natural Sun Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream
I gave this to my Mom since she tends to use sun cream a lot. She's going to Hong Kong soon so i guess she can bring this with her.

E'Thym Water Recharge Essence
I am using a difference treatment cream right now so i guess i will have to save this for future use. This is for moisturizing purposes.

Clean Face Special Gift Set (Clean Face Mild Toner + Clean Face Mild Lotion)
Another travel sized skin regimen. Perfect for travelling. My skin care routine is complete as of now so like the E'Rhythm Essence, i'll save this for later.

Real Nature Mask Lemon
I love face masks! I use them almost everyday! It's the first time i got a face mask with Kim Hyun Joong's face on it. I only have Nature Republic Masks with JYJ's pictures. If i am a super big fan of Kim Hyun Joong, i won't even use this. This is a collectible. But if ever i ran out i think i will have to use this. Good thing i still have other face masks right now so this will be stuck in my skin care tub for the mean time.

I thought i'll be leaving the store after i purchased the VIP card but no! I browsed some items because they have new items from the last time i went there. There were also new collections and the best of all, SALE ITEMS!

As soon as i saw the sale items corner i knew i would get some. Here are the items that i got,

Real Nature Mask Rice
This was on sale! I haven't tried this one but the sales assistant said that this is good for brightening purposes which i love.

Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner (Beige and Indigo Blue)
I have been collecting a lot of colored liners recently. I feel in love with the pigmentation of these liners as soon as i tried it on my hands. I was supposed to get a regular eye pencil but the price of the pencil and gel and just the same. I would take a gel liner over a pencil liner anytime. Also, i have noticed that almost all eyeliners from The Face Shop has a smudge brush on the other end and that's a bonus.

Lovely ME:EX Auto Eye-liner (01 Black and 02 Black Brown)
These are staple products for me because i ran out easily. It's the first time i'm trying the Lovely ME:EX's eyeliners because they're on sale. I only used the eyebrow pencil and lip liner and both have satisfied my taste. I hope this one does it's magic too. Again, it comes with a smudge brush on the other end of the liner.

Mini Pet Floral Hand Cream
I noticed this hand cream the first time i saw this! I just do not want to purchase this because of the price. Good thing this product went on sale so i immediately got this. I use hand creams on an everyday basis and i also made a video where i showed my collection ( I am very excited to use this because i am in love with its floral scent.

What i love about Korean Brands is that the more you purchase the more freebies! I got some of these items for free!

Vita A and Vita C Mask Sheets :)

Diamond Shine Lip Gloss

So there that's the end of my make up ban! HAHA! For those who have their Face Shop VIP Card i guess i'll be seeing you soon, okay? :)

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