Sunday, August 12, 2012

ELF Lipsticks (Classy, Flirtatious, Captivating)

Another purchase from ELF! I think i have to stay away from their stall in SM Department Store because every time i pass by, there is an 80% chance that i am going to get something. I got 3 lipsticks from my last trip to ELF and i am very happy with these. Each lipstick cost 129php which i think is very affordable for a product that has good quality.

L-R: Captivating, Flirtatious, Classy

The packaging is decent. Not so classy but not so cheap as well. I was only planning to purchase Captivating as planned but i fell in love with the other shades too. If you notice you get a lot of product in one lipstick. ELF lipsticks' pellet is actually longer than other lipsticks that I have tried.

L-R: Captivating, Flirtatious, Classy
Here are the swatches of the 3 shades that i purchased. Captivating has a nude-orange color, Flirtatious gives off a bubblegum pink color, and Classy is a deep pink shade.

L-R: Captivating, Flirtatious, Classy
Once i tried it on my lips i can't help but notice the creaminess of its texture. You don't even have to use lip balm before applying because it has great pigmentation. I love how the color came out on my lips. It's just what i am looking for. For the scent, i hate it when lipsticks have a soapy scent. It's not pleasing to the lips that's why i am very thankful ELF lipsticks have a fruity scent. It adds more fresh feeling while applying.

Captivating is more of a nude color after the first application. Try applying it to the lips twice or thrice then you get a more orange-y color on your lips.

Flirtatious is a very vibrant pink which i love. I am into candy pink or bubblegum pink colors right now that's why i didn't even think twice when i saw it.

Classy as the name says is a more 'classy' shade of pink. It gives a sophisticated look on the lips which all girls would love.

Very affordable. 129php each
Lipstick pellet is longer than my other lipsticks
Creamy texture
Great pigmentation
Color is buildable
Wide range of shades and colors
Fruity scent

Lasting power is not very long - but it stains on your lips even after a couple hours.
Overall, i still love it! I will definitely repurchase after i finish this lipstick. In fact, i am planning to collect all shades as possible. I'll try to get the red ones since i haven't tried those.

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