Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Album Review: Super Junior Sexy, Free, and Single + GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Super Junior has come back with a new album entitled Sexy, Free, and Single. It contains 10 tracks of a combination of both lively and ballad songs.

I’ll start with the teaser photos. Super Junior never fails to surprise the fans with new concept every year. This year wasn’t an exception. Super Junior released photos that showcased high fashion pictures, make up, and hairstyle. They focused more on the face part for every member and there were reactions like “it’s too girly” or “wow he looks better than a girl”. Either way, it just shows that Super Junior can be beautiful in any type of look. This was definitely out of their comfort zone. This is one step higher in showing fans the typical sexy Kpop look.

The music video showcased different settings with only one concept. Super Junior dancing in a box is not a new one for the fans but I do not think I will comment deeply on it because as I said, fans are used to this. Nevertheless, I will still wait for the day that SM Entertainment gives Super Junior a new and different concept in a video like the one in their No Other music video.

Now it’s time to talk about the physical album itself. I do not know why Super Junior kept this tradition from Mr. Simple album in producing really large albums. It's more expensive especially for international fans because we get this album shipped from Korea. Nevertheless, I think Super Junior is in the stage wherein whatever album they release, people would buy it. Good thing they still continue to produce quality albums and this time, I think it's one of their best.

Sexy, Free, and Single is a charismatic song to begin with and Super Junior performing doubles the intensity. I like the beat of this song and the choreography! How crazy is that! The level of difficulty is not that high but I think if ever other groups would perform the song; it wouldn't be as cool and as charismatic as Super Junior. The only problem I had was the lyrics >.< Come on!! How ridiculous is it to have lyrics like "Sexy, Free, and Single. I'm ready too. Bingo"?? It doesn't make sense that much :( At first I thought it was "Sexy, Free, and Single. I'm ready to mingle". I do not have high expectations with the English lyrics of a Koop song but it is in English and people around me are English speakers. I have friends who are not into Koop and those hearing this kind of lyrics will give them more reasons to not like Koop. My point is, Koop songs are already hard to sell to those who are not a fan of it and I just hope artists or companies won't give them more reason to hate Koop like putting funny English phrases in their songs. But then again, haters are always going to hate!

Overall it’s a still an album to rave for. A Super Junior album is always very worth it with the quality of its songs. They are also one of the Kpop groups who reach out to the fans and become very touched whenever there’s outrageous support from the people. Support Super Junior by purchasing their album Sexy, Free, and Single.

This is my album review for Sexy, Free, and Single :)

..and this post is not yet over! actually it's just starting!
I am starting this birthday giveaway early (My birthday is on August 17) and the prizes are these albums!
Sorry for the ugly picture! and these are actually 3 albums!
You just have to follow this instructions!

There are 3 ways to win! (meaning you 3 chances of winning, considering you do all ways)

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Good luck and enjoy!!! :)


  1. Nice review. I like to know what the album looks like before I buy it, even if I like the songs the cover and everything is important ^^

  2. yeah! I would really like to win this giveaway. I really love SuJu. I hope you'll pick me. By the way, your review is very good and friendly. please pick me!^^

  3. The review was smooth and very natural which is good. ^^ I like it. The album has a lot to offer from which you have shown us as well. SuJu Hwaiting! ~<3

  4. Really thanks for your album review I liked it a lot (I think it was raining althoung you did the review so really thanks ^.^) that shows our great work :). The review helped me to see what the album contains. I really love and like SUPER JUNIOR and the title of their album describes them well (SEY, FREE & SINGLE). I hope to seee other of your album reviews (because I loved them) FIGHTING!! You have a person wathching you from MEXICO :)
    I hope I can win (:

  5. Thank you for your review about the 6jib of Super Junior. The review was so detailed, you explain it really well, so that viewers can really understand it. Advance happy birthday :)
    question: are you gonna buy version B? and did you plan to giveaway also the version B? hehe. I like the cover of ver, b..
    Thank you again for sharing your review :)

  6. It's very informative for those who don't have any idea yet. :) Thanks for the review^^

  7. hi teh :)) i really really like this album i do anything for this album because this one soooo meaningful for me or for ELF i do anything for SJ I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH <3 am sorry if my english is bad o(>_____<)o because my english is limited but i hope you understand what i say I HOPE YOU PICK ME.^^

  8. Hi, i wanted to congratulate you for doing a very nice job on reviewing super junior's sexy free and single album, you use your critical thinking to site those qualities that can make us "WOW" and those are that are just "nanana", great job for that. also i agree with you when you said that is kind a weird to put that English part in kpop because it doesnt make sense sometimes, if i were them i'll put english lyrics that can really connect to the korean lyrics, aother thing i also thought that is SEXY FREE AND SINGLE, I'M READY TO MINGLE HAHAH

  9. I totally agree with your review xD Especially the comment about the English. But please, we are all aware of SM's random english words, haha.

    Advance happy birthday btw, God bless ^^
    SuJu, fighting! :)

  10. Hey there! ahaha We are the same! At first, I thought that it is "Sexy,Free and Single, I'm ready to mingle..." And i was like O_O WHUT?!? and then I read some comments and they say that it is "Bingo"

    ahaha I just laugh at myself XD. I am agree with you! They should avoid putting ENGRISH phrases so that HATERS will be lessen >_<

    but at least, SJ is really DAEBAK! >_< ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! \(^O^)/ May you have more birthdays to come and God will always Bless you!

    ~"Let's have some FUN!"~

  11. I haven't listened to this album yet! I resorted to watching this week's stage perfs instead and yeah, that same line also weirded me out. :))

    I'm not really a hardcore SM fan, but if I win your giveaway, I may yet be one of SuJu's ELFs! YEY! Love reading your blogposts! ^^

  12. thank you sooo much for this review + giveaway!
    I love how you made such a detailed review~
    Happy (early) birthday!!! :)

  13. i so love their new song FROM U..
    soothing :DD

    ang cute ding ng pagkaka review mo sa 6jib album :))

  14. I want to win this Album so badly. If i win, this is my first ever SJ Album, then it'll be special for me. :D This album is soooo perfect. :) I'm a sone and i'm supporting SJ. ^^

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. The review you made of suju's new album was great . you showed us the content of the album and told us what you thought about it .you also made comments that you had about the new album and compared it with the 5th . the comments you made were also really informative so all in all a good review :)

  17. Nice review. I quite agree with everything except for the teaser photos. Honestly, I don't like them at all. Yes, they show different side of the boys but they just look weird. Don't get me wrong, I still love the album and everything but I would prefer some more normal photos for the conceptions. Nevertheless, I understand why SM are doing this - to draw attention. SHINee's concept was no different too - they were shirtless and the whole idea of the photos was weird. Super Junior's is better of course! Well, anyways, the album is great. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!

  18. Hi! I don't use blogspot that often but your review was great. I agree with everything.
    By the way, 5jib and 6jib are so big and different from regular albums because of a certain reason. The boys said themselves that selling albums is getting harder and harder and most artist choose to sell their songs digital but instead of doing it, Super Junior's albums are made in a more interesting way so that they are worth buying. And I think it's working. The material of the album seems very nice, so does the quiality, the photos are HD and it's big - I would certainly buy it if I could but unfortunately I can't :(

  19. hey the english is not that bad :( you know writers arent native speakers and im ready too bingo sounds reasonable. why not? of course there were some bad english parts but the english is not that bad. we should be supportive of this. but your review was good especially the video :) good luck

  20. I like how you let us see the whole album cover to cover. :) I really love this album because of the fact that it's really unique among the regular K-Pop album. Super Junior really wants to amaze us ELF as always. I also agree with you with their crazy english lyrics. I love how you review the album and by supporting SJ all the way and how you try to copy their make-up/ looks as well! :) Great job for a fantastic and over-all awesome review I have read and watched so far! :) thumbs up!

  21. you did a well review on the album..
    i do agree with you,the English phrases they put in the songs is a factor for the English-speaking fans to like/hate the songs..though sometimes i think it's their trademark..


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