Saturday, July 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulaluhan

A lot of good and affordable restaurants has came out especially here in Metro Manila and it is rare for me  to eat at places that are not so near my house and school. Not to mention that whenever i look for a good place to eat, air-conditioned restaurants come to mind. that's why i love it very much whenever simple-looking eateries impress me with their food.

Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulaluhan was recommend by my friend Ace and we decided to have lunch there over a month ago. This was located around Anonas area which is not the usual place i go to but she assured me that food in this place is very worth it.

Upon entering the restaurant, i kind of expected the al-fresco place and what i liked about the interior is the bamboo-themed interior. Bamboo poles were used as walls and decoration There were also nipa hut tables where customers can eat. The place is also filled with plants everywhere to go with their concept.

The restaurant offers Filipino cuisine with wide variety of dishes to choose from. As usual we got their bestsellers: Tapsilog and Bulalo!

Tapsilog was sweet and salty at the same time. It has a different kind of taste from the usual Tapsilog that i tried. The meat was not very tender but it's just right for a beef tapa. The flavor was okay and even though the serving is not that big, it's good for one cup of rice. The egg that goes with it was cooked well so i have no complaints. This meal is very worth it for 85 pesos.

I do not eat Bulalo very often that is why i can only compare this with those found in Tagaytay or Baguio. I can say that they are very comparable. This is worth 225 pesos and you get a very big serving of it plus you  can refill the soup for free. I don't know with you guys but the best part for me in a Bulalo is the soup (For some it's the marrow i guess). You get to taste all the flavors from the bone, marrow, and the vegetables in one sip. That's what i love in this one. I think this is not normal but i actually liked the bulalo more than the tapsilog.

Overall i would like to thank my friend Ace for introducing this restaurant to us! :) I would definitely go back if i have time. The only negative thing i could say about this restaurant is that the place where we stayed was beside the parking lot so the smoke from the cars outside the restaurant sometimes bothered us. Without that, the food in this place is a must try! <3

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  1. i know this place and my siblings keep on saying that it is a good resto; affordable yet really yummy!


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