Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar 2012

I just noticed that this weekend has been a shopping weekend for me! After the Great Northern Sale, here comes the SuperSale Bazaar held at the World Trade Center! My mom and i have been waiting for this and i kind of prepared myself (money-wise) for this shopping escapade.

We arrived at the venue at around 12nn and we were very hungry so before we get inside we decided to have lunch first. After that, we went browsing some stalls and it's how funny that we kind of had like a system in shopping. First, we browsed everything! We checked all the stalls on what stuff they got but we didn't buy anything yet. After one round, we started again and that's the time where we bought some stuff. It's kind of tiring (our system) but i think we got the best items for ourselves since we had a system.  I think my mom's thinner than me so it's very easy for her to shop some clothes (sad). She bought some tops and shorts of different kinds and i got some clothes too! And of course make up! I wasn't able to take pictures of everything i got but here's some pictures from the event!

I forgot the name of the store where we got these shorts but it was only for 199php. The girls in my family (Mom, Me, Sister) wear shorts on an everyday basis and i think we have more shorts than pants. After seeing the price, i think my mom was very decided that we should have one. There were a lot of designs to choose from and i chose this kind of rugged maong shorts.

I am a follower of Say Tioco Artillero on youtube, blogger and twitter so i am aware that she's going to be attending the event during that day. As we passed by the Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione she was there and she immediately said hi as she saw us. She's very friendly and giggly and as i was going through the products of the stall she was talking to my mom because my mom doesn't wear makeup that much, only the basics so maybe she thought my mom was getting bored while i was shopping and that was very nice of her. After i got my purchases which was 2 eyeliners from Miners Cosmetics in the shade of Ivy and Indigo, we had a picture from her camera and my camera! This shot was from my camera of course! and the other one is found on her blog.

My mom was supposed to have her brows done by Say but her eyebrows were kind of "messy" that day and Say wasn't able to bring her tweezers with her.

I am with the owner of the store where i got 2 very beautiful colored blazers! I got one in royal blue and one in red! I was supposed to get just one but she gave me a discount if i buy two and that's it! I got the same kind of blazer in 2 different colors! I am very happy with the clothes i got from her store and i am very excited to wear those! I hope the weather here in the Philippines would allow me!

I think we got a little bit busy while shopping that we forgot to take more pictures! I also didn't take pictures of the things my mom bought! This is a shot after we are done shopping! Yes, we shop fast!

Before going home we had some snacks and bought the oreo cheesecake cookie and red velvet cupcakes from Sophie's Mom! I love the oreo cheesecake cookie but i think i have tasted better red velvet cupcakes but this ones not that bad.

That was my experience, i definitely had fun and i hope i will be here on the next one! :) Anyone who went there too?

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