Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Review: KFC Cheesy Top Burger

I know this is a very weird idea from KFC and it makes me double weird when i thought that there is just one bread for this burger which is the bottom bread and the top cover bread is missing. After analyzing the picture more, that's when i was convinced that there will still be two buns for this one! Anyway, some thought of this product as a joke. For a minute, i think i thought so too. It's just how funny how people wanted to try it just to judge it or see how it looks like or feel how weird it is eating that thing. One afternoon i was alone at the mall and the line at KFC's counter is just short (for once) so i decided to try this burger.

The regular KFC Chicken Burger contains the chicken burger patty, burger bun, mayo, and veggies for 50php. For the Cheesy Top Burger, it contains the same thing except the veggies were replaced with cheese and it was added on top of the cover bread bun. I am a cheese lover and if i could maximize the taste of the cheese ingredient in a food, i would. I am also willing to pay extra bucks for cheese in my dish. This burger made my life better in that sense. Whenever i had cheese burger, i don't get to taste the cheese in it because sometimes, the mayo or veggies' taste is just too strong. With this burger, you get to taste the cheese first because it's on top. The flavor of the cheese will overpower any flavor at first and it satisfied my cheese craving on the first bite. The struggle comes after when you get cheese stuck on your teeth because of the same reason.

Overall, the product was okay for me and i would order this burger over a regular KFC Chicken Burger. In the end, it's still funny, it's a regular burger but when you eat it, there a different feeling to it and i think that's it.

Go try it and tell me how you felt about this product :)

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