Friday, July 13, 2012

The Great Northern Sale

The Great Northern Sale is the biggest sale season of SM North Edsa held every year. This 2012, it's held from July 13-15. Luckily my class last July 13 dismissed us as early as 9:30. I didn't go immediately to SM North Edsa because i don't want to wait outside the mall with lots of people especially that day.

i arrived there at around 10:30am and i know already where i wanted to go and that is at the SM Department Store because of three reasons. First, because the gift that i am giving my friend, Regina for her birthday today (Happy Birthday Reg!) is found there. Second, Maybelline offers 20% off to almost all of their products and Third, SM offers and additional 10% discount from 10am-12nn if you have the SM Advantage Card, BDO Rewards, or SM Prestige card.

I was surprised that i got everything i want in 2 hours! and here's what i bought :) After shopping at SM department store i went to Tony Moly, Missha, and Tomato. It seems like i already know what will i buy for this sale that's why i was able to save a lot of time. Here's the items that i got from each store.

I didn't include the one i got from Tomato but basically i got a hot pink top, an orange jacket, and a white jacket of the same design. All at 50% off.

At SM Department Store, i immediately looked for the brushes that i am going to give my friend, Regina and those are the N30 and N32 brushes from Marionnaud. I have the same brushes and both of these are included in my top 5 favorite brush. When Regina saw these, she said she would but the same thing. I hope she haven't bought these brushes yet HAHA i'll find out later. I bought the N30 Large Powder Brush for 180php (200php originally) and N32 Blush Brush for 122.4php (136.00php originally). The next one that i got is the Maybelline Magnum (waterproof). I use this mascara for everyday and whenever there's a sale, i always get one because i get up to 30% discount for this item. This item originally costs 399php and because Maybelline offers 20% discount, it's supposedly 319.20. But then again, i have an extra 10% because of my SM Advantage card so i got my favorite mascara for only 287.28! (What a bargain). This would be my back up in case my Magnum runs out already. Then i got a lip liner in purple. I bought it from the James Cooper section but i am not sure if that's the brand because it doesn't say like it. It says Aqua Germany and this costs around 130php (145php originally). I also got the FX Moroccan Moisture Miracle Argan Oil Leave-in Spray. I find my hair very boring that's why i just want to take care of it at the very least. I am trying out different brands of moisturizing hair spray/mist and i am gonna try this brand for the first time. The hair mist costs around 359php (originally 399php). The last thing that i got from SM Department Store is the Buy1 Take1 City Lady Pantyhose stockings in Safari. I just had to urge to buy this because for this semester, we have a lot of reporting and i am enrolled to my pre-practicum class which both requires the use of stockings.

I was supposed to get some stuff from the Tony Moly section at the SM Department store but they didn't have the product i am looking for and they don't acknowledge the Tony Moly Membership Card so i went to their retail store and i got the Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover. This is not the make up remover i am using but the sales lady talked me into buying this type because you get a free Cats Wink Mascara when you purchase the item. The make up remover was originally 389php and the mascara is at 348php. I got both for 548php which is not bad. Another thing that i got from Tony Moly is their Backstage Gel Liner in #7 which is the turquoise color. I am using this for my sister's 7th birthday on August :)

The last store i went to was the Missha retail store. It was said on their facebook fan page that they had items at 70% off so i wanted to check it out. I also know that their face masks are on sale and i need to refill my stock. The sales lady kind of bothered me there because she kept on offering items and suggesting stuff which i hate. HAHA not really hate but i think stuff that i am not fond of. I must not take it against her because it's normal that we are not of the same taste but i think she must sense that the items i am asking are the opposite of what she's offering. In the end, i got the The Style Lucid Berry Lips in Baby Pink and The Style Powder Eyes in Shimmering Gold for 399php (originally 1330). I also purchased their buy1 take1 face mask and i got the Blueberry Sheet Mask for 120php.

If you haven't been in the Great Northern Sale i suggest you do! There are a lot of great finds and this only happens once a year so don't miss it. :)

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